hello, i’m eric — i elevate your business through human-centered design & storytelling.

Loaded.gg - Web Site Development

Heroic influencers for heroic brands. Loaded.gg has connected heroic brands and publishers with the right gaming talent for wildly creative, record-breaking promotions and endorsements across the video game industry. Gaming is about more than games and Loaded.gg is here to prove it.

Render.gg - Web Site Development

Render is a professional video production studio specializing in crafting video content for YouTubers, Streamers, Teams and Brands. We’re highly specialised in gaming content, but more than capable of working with a wide variety of digital media.

AudioMack - Web Site Development & Branding

Millions of fans use Audiomack daily to discover the hottest trending music anywhere. Upload your music and submit it for Trending consideration (completely free) to get the chance to be placed in front of a massive new audience.



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